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Hi there! My name is Lavender, and nope, my parents weren’t hippies. I itch to create things, though admittedly procrastinate a bit for fear they won’t be “just so”. In this little corner of the blogging ether, I’m holding myself accountable to, well, creating. I’ve always loved process, and sewing is it for me right now.

Once upon a time I studied fine art photography, and count myself lucky to have had the opportunity to work for several years as an optical printer, both in an exhibition print color darkroom and a production black & white darkroom. I love digital, but also miss the craft of a few hours in the dark, the tactile manipulation of light. My mother was a professional seamstress, so I’ve always been around textiles. I dabbled a bit here and there, mostly making a mess of things and never really wanting to learn the right way from mom. Most projects involved tearing apart existing garments and haphazardly refashioning them, with the occasional utilitarian gift for friends and family. Now that constant desire for hands-on craftsmanship has led to my figuring out how to properly sew.


Cooking. Eating. Stinky cheese. Wine. Beer. Whiskey. Songs in a minor key. Songs with hand claps. Films and more films. Photography. Sewing. Rusting empires. Rust. My Mushka. Warm weather. Cowboy boots. Outlaw country. Rock and roll. Haircuts. Coffee. Tea. Chips & salsa. Breakfast tacos. Big rain. Lakes and rivers. Pub quiz. Freshly fallen snow, but not the cold. Maple syrup. The Northeast Kingdom. The White Mountains. White nights. Hill Country.


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