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Does a body good

November 15, 2011

And let’s not forget “Got Qmilch?”

Now that you all know about my aversion to milk yet love of dairy, I just had to share this story with you. Apparently there is a new “green” (white?) textile on the market. Made from the casein of sour milk. According to the story, the Q is for quality, milch is Deutsche for milk.

Somebody needs to make one of those YouTube Hitler Reacts videos. And poke fun at Frau Seal, of course. Ms. Klum should be the official spokesperson, complete with milk moustache. Thank me later, Heidz.

Despite the snark, I’d really love to feel this fabric. However, I bet there is much more of a chemical process used to make it than claimed.

Lunch half hour is over. Back to work.

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  1. November 15, 2011 10:10 pm

    Hum… interesting new fabric! Can’t wait to touch it (because I looove milk)!

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