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Self Stitched September – week 3

September 27, 2011

The clock it tick-tick-tocking, and I’ve been sewing all night. Yes! Pat on back. However, come morning this princess of the seams will turn back into a workaday woman, and my shearling slippers are already on. So here’s a quick recap of last week’s garments. Ready? Ok, go.

I didn’t take a new photo, but on 9.19.11 I wore my chiffon polka dot Alexander blouse. From the office, we went to an end-of-year dinner for R’s horseshoe club. It was everything I’d imagined: septuagenarians telling funny jokes that weren’t all that funny, but cute; overcooked veg; rubbery fish; right across from a bowling alley with an awesome sign. We were the babes in the room, and the pitchers and their wives were all characters (note that the one woman on the league is also the top player). There are so many odd little subcultures out there. I can’t look at this photo too long, or I’ll have to make an emergency call to the salon. Hate. Growing. My. Hair.


Got a couple of compliments on this jacket over the weekend, so threw it in the mix during the week. Honestly, sometimes I can’t tell if people are saying “nice jacket” because it’s loud and in your face, so they feel like they should reply. To the jacket. Or if they actually dig it. Paired with the skirt redo, and it was looking pretty autumnal.


Wednesday’s flickr challenge was to post a photo with food/drink. Been basking in the late summer/early autumn sun, because I know what follows. This skirt is pre-blog, and it’s rarely worn. It’s the requisite A-line learn to sew project, and of course I did it in the requisite quilter’s cotton (though, ahem, I’d already been sewing off & on for a decade +). I still love the fabric, but the skirt is too big in the hips now. Oh, and then there’s the tiny detail of a matching cafe curtain on our entry door. Yeah, that’s not awkward. Time for an upcycle? Oh, and look! My tomatoes are finally ripening!!!

Yes, you just saw a post devoted to this blouse. The jacket is vintage, from a three-piece suit, no less. If I weren’t so knackered, I’d go slip it on and take a photo. It turns me into a mermaid. (Oh god, crazy tired mind immediately races to scenes from the movie Splash!) Anyway, I swore when I bought this that I’d do something with the rest of the pieces. The skirt is practically ankle length. It’s out of control shimmery green goodness. And impossible to walk in, so you really are a mermaid in it.


This little shrug is an upcycled jobbie I made years and years ago. It’s the bodice of a dress, slashed open, pleated, banded, new sleeves. I left the back alone because there was already this fun little keyhole. Love the fabric, but the inside is a frayed wreck at this point…pre-serger. The brooch is a vintage find I’ve permanently borrowed from Mumsy :) Thrifty little thing I am, went dumpster diving in the office for this kraft paper. Okay, so I just confiscated it before it made its way to the dumpster. But still…patterns galore!!!

That’s it. Saturday and Sunday I barely left the house, and spent most of my time fitting Rooibos muslins. Yes, plural. G’night. I’ll be dreaming of dying my hair blonde and attacking it with the crimper.

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  1. September 28, 2011 11:37 am

    I feel the stirrings of shrug covetousness!!!

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