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Self Stitched September – week 1

September 12, 2011

As promised, here’s a quick recap of my first week of my first attempts at a handmade month. I mentioned that I’ve half-followed these in the past, but had reservations of becoming a full-fledged member of the group. This is because I feared I lack enough handmade garments to flush out an entire month. Guess what? I’m learning that is the truth. If it were July or August, or I still lived in Texas, I’d be okay. So many dresses and skirts have the stamp of my hard work on them. What I am short on are trousers and blouses. This is something that can be remedied easily enough. Well, except for the trousers, of which I’ve sewn one pair successfully. That is, if by “successfully” I mean to completion. I never wear those little knickers because the fabric choice was awful, and the crotch is low. We’ve all heard about my jeans so much that they’re becoming this mystical item… do they exist? are they real? I digress.


Finally got a chance to wear my vacation skirt to the office. Though it’s merely paired with a tee & cardi, it still looks rather pulled together. Apologies in advance: be prepared for lots of iPhone loo shots during this series. And I do kinda live in that grey sweater at work due to the a/c.


What handmade garment does a seamster wear to clean out a neglected house? All I could think of was my Sorbetto. R’s grandfather passed last October, and we have decided to take on the massive project of fixing up his house to keep it in the family. I love this sort of thing, and admit I’m a bit handy & love a trip to the hardware store as much as the fabric store. My little broom and matching rubber gloves a la American Gothic were no match for nine years of abandonment!


Just hanging at camp with Mushka. It was a somewhat rainy Labor Day weekend, and I’ve discovered so far that I don’t have very many handmade garments that I wouldn’t mind getting a little dirty at a rustic cabin. My plaid JJ suits Maine just fine, though. I also packed pretty light. Rinse, repeat for the next two days of our long weekend. I did throw on my new shorts while washing the car, and my Karen cardi when I got chilly.


Back to the grind. Back in the bathroom.


It was a rainy, blah Wednesday. But it got better after work when I went to sewing club. Man, did I miss this place after being away for a few weeks! This is taken at Grey’s. Go there. I broke out last year’s fav skirt for the first time.


It’s a good thing I decided against my original rule of “no repeats”… here is that JJ popping up again already! Yup, Labor Day brought the rain, and I brought the wellies.

Okay, okay, so you can barely see a thread of the handmade garment I’m wearing. But this project is difficult. Natural light is fading fast here in New England, and I simply don’t have time for a photo shoot a day. R & I went to see Yo La Tengo on Friday, and I wore my tank, a white jacket, rolled up jeans & blue/white gingham Chuck Taylors. These kids today. Let’s just say that you had better not talk nonstop through my show, waiting for your lame band to come on.


We went up to NH to see my fam, and they threw me a little bbq for my birthday. I just had to wear the new skirt, as I knew Mummy really wanted to see it. Plus, I need to get all the wears in I can before it gets cold. My nephew is raising hens (and one rooster) and four mallard ducks. Fresh eggs! So freakin’ excited about that! I really want chickens some day. But admittedly, they are a bit freaky with those beady little reptile eyes and talons. See that one creeping up behind me? This is right before she pecked my back.

Sunday was a total self stitched fail. The day started off too chilly for a sun dress, and I was loath to repeat the plaid shirt again. Yup, the wardrobe holes are apparent already.

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  1. Jennifer Marsh-Crowe permalink
    September 12, 2011 7:42 pm

    She only pecked you cause she knew you were gonna eat her bebe…lol. Actually she was just giving you a kiss cause she hadn’t seen her auntie since she was little.

  2. Karen permalink
    September 17, 2011 4:00 pm

    I just discovered your blog and coming from New England (now living in Germany), the story of the chickens made me smile but I agree with Jennifer, it was probably her way of giving you a kiss.

    I just started sewing again, so thank you for sharing your experiences and tips!

    • September 17, 2011 5:24 pm

      I suppose a kiss from a hen is better than no kiss at all?! I hope somewhere in my ramblings, trial & error there’s something useful :) Do you post projects on Burda Style?

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