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I’m a color & a COLOURlover

September 9, 2011

There is a bit of a fun challenge going on over at Colette, and I have decided to join in. Although it’s pushing three weeks THREE WEEKS! since I’ve sat down in front of my machine, I thought this would prove helpful instead of a distraction. My lack of sewing time has been due to vacation, catching up at work, long holiday weekend, catching up at work, out of town again this weekend. At this point I’m ready to curl up in the yardage of unfinished projects, but family obligations call.

Anyway, here is the palette I made on the COLOURlovers site. I’m still trying to sew predominantly from my stash, and because this was made yesterday (sshhhh!), I had to go from memory regarding textiles I already own. Methinks I’ll be okay, though may need to pick up a little something here or there. I then broke down and joined Pinterest, and worked up a little inspiration board for the garments I intend to make.  Wish I could post an image of the board, but looks like all I can do is provide you with this link :(  If any of you lovelies know a way to get the image, holler!

This palette doesn’t consist of traditionally “fall” colors, and there are a few reasons for that:

  • Like I mentioned, I’m trying to sew from fabric I already have.
  • I don’t want to be too hokey.
  • I just straight up love the color combo possibilities in the above palette.
  • These colors look good on me.
  • I have existing garments these colors will work with.
  • I know me: I know that I’ll be sewing these projects into winter :)

About the inspiration board and garments:

  • Two blouses; one may be the Ute, another the Twinkle (or similar styles, though both have been in my pattern stack for ages).
  • One pencil skirt. Maybe the Kasia, maybe my old standby.
  • Rooibos! Working on my muslin right now!
  • Cigarette pants, oh how I long for thee.
  • Trench. Yes, I will get to you. Be patient, my love. You deserve my full attention.
  • Simplicity 2724. I have not forgotten you, either.
  • Somebody buy me those booties already.
  • I’m certain to be drinking lots of tea.
  • With a side of Ryan Gosling. Oh, him? He just came up in a search for pinstripes (Rooibos!) and I said, “why, hello there!”

There are so many sites & communities to join, that all of this can feel overwhelming. Pick and choose, right? Both look like they’ll prove to be good resources for organizing thoughts, inspiration, ideas for sewing, home dec/renovation, and beyond. And Cl links directly to Spoonflower! Oh, my! Maybe I’ll finally print some fabric of my own (click the image after the jump for a full screen version)… been an admirer of Spoonflower for so long now.

Stay tuned for my first weekly post of Self-Stitched September success!!!

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