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Get a load of this guy

August 9, 2011

Here’s a shout out to the silent force behind threadsquare, the amazing man who is constantly doing my share of the chores so I can sew when I get a spare moment; patient photographer who puts up with my cries of “I look horrible!  Do it again!  Direct me, I’m no model!  You went to the same photo school as me!”, even though he hasn’t worked professionally in the field for years; general sounding board and advice-giver; all-around fabulocity.  My hubs is starting his very own blog!  Looks like I no longer wear the blogging pants in this family.  All the time, that is.  It’s on WordPress, so if you’re ever confused by a post about horseshoes or micro-brews or the like, don’t fret… I probably didn’t log out, and R prolly didn’t notice.  I’m sure it will happen – his blog was originally registered under my account.  Newb.

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