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How do they do it?

June 9, 2011

Prolific bloggers, I mean.  I think of posts all the time, but find I rarely am able to work one up.  Is it simply a matter of having the luxury of no day job?  No little ones (well, I don’t have a child, save for the furry, four-legged, high-energy variety)?  Eating nothing but takeout?  Writing posts on the sly at one’s day job (tsk, tsk, wink, wink)?

And I’m talking all the other bloggingheads who are making something physical, not only writing.  Because at the end of my workday, I am lucky if I find time to sew, let alone photograph, edit photos, write, edit text, and hit the little blue “publish” button.  If there is one thing my foray into boot camp has taught me, though, it’s that I thrive on structure.  Despite my tendency toward the carefree, knowing I have to get up at dawn at least three days a week has made my life so much more focused, energized and efficient.  So I’m going to apply that principle to sewing.  In fact, I have done just that the last few weeks, with a set schedule of “second job” days.  And I’ve since completed two projects.  Now that they’re not looming over me, I can try to prioritize days for sewing & writing.

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