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Wearable muslin…sorta

December 1, 2010

I made this ages ago as the June addition to my Garmnet-a-Month project.  I’ve worn it half a dozen times, and finally decided I should take a few photos before throwing it in the wash.  Classy, right.  I just didn’t want any weird seam shifting to occur, despite pre-washing and being pretty diligent about cutting the grain correctly.  So I finally snapped a few shots in the office bathroom…even classier.  (Hey, at least I’m not chatting on the phone. In the stall. Eeew!)

It’s made from an organic cotton t-shirt weight jersey, and was really intended as a wearable muslin for the Karen cardigan.  But I’m def glad I went with this first, before splurging and cutting into some fine wool.  I just don’t think this is right for me…seems a bit frumpy.  Damn hips.  I sized down two, maybe three sizes and added a few inches to the sleeves.

I also added black twill tape to the neck/shoulder seams to prevent sagging.  I’m sure there’s a proper way to accomplish this, but I simply sewed a straight stitch.  The edges are left raw – jersey won’t fray – but I did add a small, zig zag about 3/8″ in, all around.  If I do make this in a nicer fabric, I’ll sew the back neck the reverse of the instructions.  As-is, the jersey naturally curls to the outside, and I don’t like that seam visible.

Maybe it’s because this isn’t a super-slinky textile, but it just doesn’t seem to flatter my figure.  I just came across smurfette2010‘s cardi, and I think this more structured garment is better suited to my proportions.  Live and learn.  Still fine to throw on when the a/c is cranking so high in the summer I’m tempted to bring in a space heater.

Organic cotton jersey, twill tape, serged seams

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