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Russian Navy Redux

November 22, 2010

This little number was my May garment, and a little T-shirt redo project a friend and I spent a late spring Saturday working on. Granted, it was mostly a gab-fest, so we parted ways with a whole lot of nothing done! I actually finished this on time, but obviously didn’t process the photos right away. When I lived in Russia, I wanted one of these so so badly. A few years back, a friend gave one to my husband, and it’s been in the back of many a drawer and closet since. Until I stole it from him.

But, you see – these Russkiy navy underthings aren’t so flattering on the female form.

So…I nipped and tucked the sides, added darts to the bust and mid-back, and to top it all off, used strips of a couple other tees to make a length of square knots that I stitched onto the neckline. I was going to go all the way round with the knots, but decided against.

I’m still not certain about how I finished them on the shoulders, but simply ending in a knot seemed just as awkward. Suggestions? I could simply take off the decoration, as the shoulder seam could come up a tad (still a smidge of gaping in the armpit).

All in all, a fun little tank to throw over a bathing suit or wear on an inland cruise.

My pops…isn’t he cute?!

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