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does superglue really work?

June 22, 2010

Despite my lack of posts, and in fact their absence is proof, I’ve been pretty busy sewing. I’ve also been busy doing other things, like cutting off the tip of my finger this evening. ‘Tis merely a flesh wound, and the stinky homemade kimchi that’s now brewing had better be worth it. Mmmm…I love CSA season!

In other news, my t-shirt remake is long-finished. I just need the after photos in order to post. My girl and I started it on a sewing Saturday back in May, and it’s high time the finished product goes up. Also, major score Memorial Day weekend on some vintage patterns for me, along with buckets of clothes I promised to sell for a friend of my in-laws. Time to open a second, temporary Etsy shop? Indeed. And my dear mom, bless her – I love taking a trip to visit for the more obvious reasons. But I also love making a bee line to her sewing room, spotting a must-have yard or so, and bartering for a household chore well done. Wrapped around my tipless finger!

New projects coming soon, but here’s a little something worth sharing.

My husband was in San Diego for work, happened to stroll past Goga, recognized the name (fanboy!), and went back the next day when they were open. And met Gordana! She was a complete doll, and chatted for quite a bit. I totally love her, and even bought the issue of Vogue Knitting she’s in. I don’t knit. Next best thing to meeting her myself.

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  1. Ryan permalink
    June 28, 2010 12:48 pm

    I’m not sure I like this ‘fanboy’ designation, but I suppose if it fits, I’ll wear it.

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