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Kylling Tym

May 6, 2010

I stumbled upon this little time-waster, amusement-maker today. And I can’t get enough. Seriously…chuckling out loud at work. Not only does the name generator deliver a hilarious inside joke from freshman year of college when I punch in my real nickname, it reminds me of another time-waster from that era of my life. The surrealist compliment generator is still alive and kicking. I love that thing. Refresh indefinitely. I actually used to keep a log of my favorites…wonder if I can find that…

…oh, and to address the lack of posts. More are on the way. I was pretty busy running around volunteering for and enjoying an awesome small film festival, then of course got run down and sick from all the running around and enjoyment. Back to the studio. As soon as I get out of this office.

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