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Getting on the stick: 2010

February 12, 2010

I’ve given myself an assignment:  to make at least one garment a month this year.  Hopefully more.  And although nobody is reading this, because I dropped the ball on it ages ago and don’t really like the whole baring-of-the-soul-blog-thing, it helps to have a place to answer to.  Otherwise, I just remain a big slacker.  In addition to my re-wardrobe project, I’m taking steps on the Etsy/threadsquare front.  Very excited that I grew a pair and contacted an old college friend to design a logo for me.  It’s pretty damn hard deciding on a logo, but Jamie is doing a great job, and we’re almost there!  He’s a graphic designer trying to break out on his own, and I’m his first (maybe second?) freelance project.  It’s good to be doing this together.  New pup beds, and more, are in the works.

You may be scratching your head, wondering why it’s the middle of February, yet there is no January garment.  Well, I have a quick answer for you.  There is, and I’m wearing it right now.  Technically I did finish the hem last night, and Ryan and I just got done the photo shoot (images to come!  gotta upload/Photoshop).  So, I’m late, but the dress is finished.  AND I have to start/finish my February garment this weekend, as it’s a short month, and I’m spending the final week in warmer climes.  Thank god for that!

Off to nosh, watch a little hulu, then upload some photos.

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